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Cradle Bubs

To Sleep With Love

A truly responsive and gentle sleep training alternative.

Are you struggling with your baby's sleep? Are you feeling stressed whenever bed time comes? Are you worried that your baby isn't sleeping enough and it's affecting his development? Are you feeling exhausted from your current sleep situation and would like to make changes without leaving your baby to cry?

I can help you.


Hi! I'm Yixuan!

I am Singapore's first certified Baby-Led Sleep and Wellness Specialist. My mission is to support you in your journey to better sleep without sleep training.

As a parent, I've been where you are. I understand the struggles and the sleepless nights you're experiencing. When my own baby was waking up every hour, I turned to sleep training as a solution. However, I quickly realised that those methods went against my instincts and beliefs. This realisation led me to a different approach—one that respects and supports normal infant sleep.

I firmly believe that you are the expert of your child, and your instincts matter. My role is to guide you on a path that respects your baby's individual needs and your family's dynamics. Together, we can help you and your little one get the rest you both deserve, all while fostering a deeper bond based on trust and love.

Approch Summary

My Approach

Attachment Theory

Attachment is at the heart of what I do. I will never suggest any separation based techniques that may affect your relationship with your child.

Evidence Based

My approach draws on evidence from various disciplines such as developmental science, neuroscience and biology.


When we collaborate on improving your baby's sleep, I consider additional factors like temperament, nutrition, and lifestyle as part of my approach.

Happy Baby

Book a free discovery call.

Wondering if I’m the right sleep consultant for your family? Let's chat!

Tell me about your parenting beliefs, your sleep situation and goals. Find out more about my approach and ask questions about my services.


Short Consult

This is for you if you are familiar with my approach and would like personalised guidance on how to start making changes.

Sprout Package

This two week package is for you if you have a specific sleep challenge and need more support and clarity in your path to better rest.

Bloom Package

This six week support guides you through multiple or complicated sleep challenges and allows you to flexibly arrange your consultations.

Services Overview
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