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My Approach

I adopt a holistic and evidence-based approach to assist families in getting more sleep. This approach is rooted in both science and attachment. I take into account a wide range of factors, including sleep science, child development, medical concerns, feeding and nutrition, family dynamics, emotional well-being of everyone. 


My goal is to identify the underlying reasons for your child's sleep issues and address them directly. I empower parents to trust their instincts and build confidence in their ability to support their child's sleep. Having all these in mind, I will work with parents to create a personalised plan and strategy that aligns with their family's unique dynamics and values.

Separation is not the solution.

Good sleep can only happen in a calm state. I believe in being responsive to our children and not using any separation based techniques. You will NOT find any of these sleep training techniques with my approach.

  • Cry-it-out

  • Ferber/Controlled Crying

  • Pick-up-put-down

  • Chair method 

  • Crying in arms

  • Rigid schedules

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my baby cry?

The likelihood of your baby crying depends on their temperament and the changes we are implementing. It's important to understand that crying is a means of communication for babies, not a form of manipulation. While our intention is never to make your baby cry when we make changes, it's realistic to expect that they might express their emotions through tears. Rest assured, they will never be left alone to cry. I won't suggest tuning out their cries by telling you it's in their best interest. We prioritise providing a safe space for them to release their emotions, and you will remain closely connected to your baby, trusting your instincts to provide the comfort they need.

How long will it take to see improvements?

We will implement changes at your baby's pace and we can't guarantee that you will achieve your sleep goals within X number of days or weeks. This is not a quick fix, however, you can expect our work together to have a lasting impact on your baby's sleep. 

Can I still breastfeed my baby to sleep?

Absolutely yes! Breastfeeding your baby to sleep is natural and in fact helps your baby get better sleep. It helps your baby feel calm and also releases a hormone that makes them feel sleepy. It is possible to still breastfeed your baby while working on making changes to their sleep situation.

Can I still cosleep/bedshare?

Yes! You don't have to set up any kind of separation between you and your baby. We can work on making sleep changes while maintaining physical proximity. I will be guiding you on how to cosleep/bedshare safely.

What happens during a consultation?

At the initial consultation of the Sprout and Bloom Package, I will go through with you the intake assessment, feeding and sleep logs that you have filled and sent to me prior, and identify possible causes of your baby's sleep struggle. Then I will share briefly about the fundamentals of sleep and the science around sleep and your specific sleep situation. Finally, I will discuss with you on plans and strategies for you to implement at your own pace.

What kind of issues can you help with?

Transition out of a sleep association, transition to a new sleep space, early risings, split nights, bedtime too late/early, false starts, nap transitions, frequent night wakings, bedtime battles, going to infant care, just to name a few.

More Questions?

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